Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sago't Gulaman, Palamig ng Bayan

It is one of the most well known drinks in the Philippines. Probably, it might even be the most recreated drink in the country, as a lot of versions can be found everywhere. All Pinoys are very fond of the cold, sweet taste of "sago't gulaman" and is very much part of the Filipino Culture. No one really knows when this drink was invented, but the sure thing here is when ice became available, people started appreciating it.

No one can really call it a phenomenon. On a hot tropical country where its sunny 70% of the time, anything cold and refreshing other than cold water is a welcome treat, and people would buy it. Make it sweet, fragrant and colorful, its definitely going to be a hit.

Here's a dose of its ingredients and a little something about it.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beat Heat Filipino Style

From Ludwig
There's not enough words to describe tropical heat. With the ozone layer thinning down and the greenhouse effect increasing the temperature of the world, our warm tropical country becomes hotter. 

A few hundred years ago, maybe it was already this hot. Practices and customs were different during those times. Also, if its around a hundred years ago, no one would complain much about the heat because you would have other things to worry about like war and invaders. Its just now that we aren't really busy of anything "life threatening" that we worry about heat and complain about it.

But we Filipinos know that all along and its one thing about the Philippines that we cannot change, so we adapt. When it gets too hot, here's how we Pinoys beat the heat.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rizal Visita Iglesia 2012

So last year it was Visita Iglesia in Bulacan, as you have read in my previous posts. I was thinking many people have been doing the same thing ages ago, so what makes this different? The plan was not to stick to one place, but visit many!

Due to budget constraints and logistics, Rizal province seemed the most economical and most accessible, and with heritage churches all over Rizal, there couldn't be a better choice. More so, it seems like a better starting point for those who want to try something different during the Lenten Season.

Being a firm Catholic, I really have to express my disagreement in replacing usual Lenten practices with vacation on a beach or some fun place. But no one can really blame the people taking their time off to relax and enjoy since there's no day of the year that can give a 4 day rest from work. In reality, whatever anyone does during Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, so as long as its done in the mindset of "reflection and penance" and doesn't violate any morals is more or less acceptable. Visita Iglesia is a pilgrimage, and it definitely falls under the recommended practices during Lent.