Sunday, September 30, 2012

Filipino Traditional Healing

Hundreds of years ago, our forefathers relied on traditional healing methods to cure maladies, heal wounds and recover from sicknesses. In every baranggay or kingdom, there exists a group of individuals who are experts in health care and healing. These fellows are very secretive and protective of their craft, thus, not everyone could understand the way how they work. To many, it seems awesome and magical, but in fact, it stems from a deep understanding of life and a developed system of manipulating the human body.

Today, the tradition still continues, but the people who once were an essential part of our societies have been replaced largely by the Western Medicine. No longer does a modern Filipino run to the local albularyo, instead, we go to a clinic or a hospital. While it is true that western medicine has shown its efficacy in resolving health problems like the most life threatening ones to minor cuts and wounds, their philosophy and system overlooks intentionally certain aspects of how the body works.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filipinos and Natural Soaps

Once upon the Spanish colonial times, hygiene has room for improvement for the normal Filipino. There's a lot of Pinoys going sick simply because hygiene was being ignored. Well, that is true on areas with dense populations, but on rural populations it could be a different story. Cholera and diarrhea are frequent, tuberculosis claims more lives than homicide, other sicknesses are very easy to transfer.

All of these seem to fit prettily in irony since we Filipinos are known for maintaining cleanliness of our bodies. Of course it can also be blamed on not so great living conditions, bad sewage system and contaminated water sources. Due to lack of written accounts, we can't really pin point what is wrong with the way we used take care of ourselves.