Friday, January 7, 2011

Pampaingay na Baril-barilan

About 20 years ago, almost every kid has one. It was a noisemaker, made by one ingenius guy who wanted something safe for the children during the New Year's revelries and maybe he made a lot of money.

You turn the rotating arm, it makes noise. You turn it faster, you get a lot more. Perfect also for role playing games of being the action star, shooting imaginary bullets. At least you don't run out of ammo, just like the stars of Pinoy action movies who don't even need to reload against an army of goons.

In a kid's mind, he becomes a warrior, a fighter. Just like in the local action movies the kid becomes an antagonist fighting for a just cause. Sadly, these toys break easily. Made of thin "palochina," one week of playing with it is a long time for a kid. For most of us, 3 days tops.

I saw these last December when I went to Divisoria. A really pleasant surprise. It was like a trip down memory lane.