Saturday, June 11, 2011

Araw ng Kalayaan

The only reason why I am aware of this day is because its after a due date of a payment I have to make. Seriously, is anyone still looking forward to Independence Day? 

I did. That was the time when Independence Day, Will Smith and aliens means the same. 

Treaty of Paris 1898

Declaration of Independence is real, it just wasn't quite valid! Spain just passed the reigns to the United States and a mock-up battle in Manila Bay was staged just to show an event. Twenty Million Dollars. That's how much Philippines was worth in 1898. But of course that doesn't spell any difference to a country under colonization for 400 years. We were just glad it was all over...or so we thought.

Still more years of struggle came against a different colonial nation. But yes, eventually we did get our "independence."

Quite colorful isn't it? Still Araw ng Kalayaan is worth remembering. In memory of the fallen warrior heroes who fought and sacrificed, in their passion and vision for their children to have freedom. For their burning desire to liberate, and playing a game of chance with fate, we owe them commemoration. But since its not National Heroes Day, I think it is also proper to give gratitude to the politicians who used politics for us to finally gain freedom. Team effort, I suppose.