Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Time Mo?

Photo from Kristal
Firsts are very special. We Filipinos love to cherish the first time, most especially Filipinas. There's always a first for everything, and the experience is thought of as worth remembering. But then its not just about reminiscing in the Filipino Culture. It goes way deeper than memories or things that we may care about.

Has anyone told you when you visit a church for the first time and wish, it will come true? How about the first rain of summer can cure bungang araw or prickly heat? Old people say if you do good in the first day of the year, good things will happen all throughout. The same thing will happen if you do bad...its gonna be a bad year.

I have seen tinderas wiping money of the day's first purchase on their merchandise to spread the luck. This custom is commonly seen on the tiangge or flea markets. But it surprised me when I saw this done on a huge mall chain in the country by its sales ladies. A few years ago, I went to the mall a bit earlier than usual. At around 12nn, a prayer sounded in the department store and right after the prayer, the sales ladies started sweeping motions like wiping something off their assigned merchandise. This could be their big secret in selling. :)

 Nowadays, it is generally acceptable that "first times" are experienced while young. But it is no sin to experience "first times" later in life. The taste of something differs with age, and there are instances it can be more appreciated when experienced older. Nothing to be ashamed of if one is a late bloomer. What is important is one did bloom. Then again, for most of us Filipinos, expect astonishment if you're late on firsts. At least you experience the wow and they wow at you.