Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pamamanhikan in Aklan

Image from Paolo Denali
The advancement of technology and the influence of global culture have contributed greatly in the changes that happened to our culture and practices. As our lives were changed, so were our beliefs and traditions that little by little were given up. How we do things nowadays have a huge disparity over what ancestors did. The love and courtship rituals, are also affected.

During the time of our grandparents or great-grand parents, in the province of Aklan, love, courtship and marriage is a long and comprehensive process. From selecting a partner until the time the night of the wedding, there are several recommendations on how this has to go through. What stands out is the close involvement of parents in the process, which have a higher influence on the outcome of the relationship. To ask the hand of a woman in marriage from her parents is a make-or-break milestone back then.

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