Sunday, July 24, 2011

Davao's Clean Drinking Water

I've been hearing a lot about Davao lately. It has been in the news every now and then. Aside from the luscious fruits and the fantastic weather all year round there, you can't miss the low crime rate and the mayor beating a sheriff of court. Maybe the reason for low crime rate there is because the mayor is very "hands-on."

But as they say, Davao is still a fabulous place. Fruits, beaches and clean drinking water. Yup, clean drinking water is in Davao. As claimed by many, it is the second cleanest in the world.

I love the Philippines, and everything that's in it. But how ironic I find it hard to believe that water in Davao is the second cleanest in the world. Clean is having no impurities. While I believe the different analysis of water under Davao as the best in the country, the best in the world seems quite a shot. The cleanest water in the world was frozen some 16,000 years ago in the Artic, back in the days where there is absolutely no pollution. According to sources, it was W.H.O. that declared Davao water's cleanliness. No proof of that declaration. Do you have proof?