Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday is Munggo Day

Photo from Allan Reyes
Go out and eat at the karinderyas  all over Metro Manila, I'll bet my right hand that on a Friday, majority of these eateries are serving munggo! Hmmm, maybe 2 fingers would do instead of the whole hand.

Dubbed as the poor man's dish, ginisang munggo is still one of the best tasting food in the Filipino Cuisine. Well, if its gonna be eaten once every week, it won't seem as great. Cooking it with just monggo beans and sauteed garlic and onions is boring, but if you include shrimp, pork, tomatoes, chicaron, tinapa and dahon ng sili...WOW!

The main ingredient is monggo beans which is very common here in the Philippines. This amazing little seed packs a lot of nutrients, and also a lot of uric acid which is the reason why many "not so young" individuals avoid this. I call it amazing because it is the most easiest plant to take care of.

It was in science class of elementary that I learned how to grow monggo beans in cotton and water. Imagine, throwing the seeds anywhere that has water will get you sprouts. Give it some soil, the sprout will be a plant and a few weeks later, new monggo seeds. 

When you get tired of eating munggo and your mom still have a lot at home, throw it on some watery surface and you'll get toge in a few hours.