Monday, January 7, 2013

A Taste of Filipino Cigarettes

Finally, after quite a long wait, more than a year after posting Chasing Filipino Cigarettes, I've managed to get hold of Filipino Cigarettes. It took a trip to the central market of Gapan, Nueva Ecija to get these because they're not available here in Metro Manila. A previous discussion with the makers of these cigarettes didn't really help much, to which they suggested to go to Tarlac to buy their products.

Each pack contains 30 cigarillos, no filters unlike the more popular American Blended ones. Their packaging, wrapped in printed paper, much like the way it was done before during the late Spanish times. Might not be the best way to preserve flavor in the sticks, but who can complain since they cost very, very cheap. One of the brands sells for around 12 pesos.
They were made to resemble rolled tobacco. The color of the wrapper is brown but without the elegance of real tobacco leaf. Its thickness is just like a regular cigarette, but its length is longer, making it a challenge to the ones used to king sized brands. Some may still remember these cigarettes being smoked by lolas in the province with the burning end inside their mouths. Do you know why they smoke that way?

Apparently, most of these cigarillos have a sweet kick during the drag. The special wrapper of each stick may contain the flavoring and is released when lit. Its not for the people used to the mild and smooth taste of American blends. Since it is without any filters, the smoker gets the full blow of the cigarillo's flavor, plus everything that goes with it.

There wasn't any taste testing that happened, only an attempt to experience how does Filipino Cigarettes in the past taste like. One thing is for sure, it has an intense impact with every drag, much more stronger than filtered cigarettes. The sweetness sometimes becomes a distraction, but somehow making the smoking experience a bit more curious and enjoyable. Just like the cigars, it leaves that familiar sensation in the throat, only a hundred times fainter.

A review of their flavors would be great, but someone who really knows about tobacco, smoking and its flavors has to help in doing it. Any help from anyone will be appreciated.