Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Email Question on Anting-anting

I've been getting many emails about anting-antings. Many have been asking me where they can find one or help them in getting some. There are people who seek for protection, for love, for improvement of relationships and and others. Others are just curious, and some are apparently searching really hard. I would like to share one email and my reply to his questions. This was originally written in Filipino, and I took the liberty of translating it in English:

Good Day Pinoy Warrior, I wish to learn where I can get anting-anting that can protect against sickness, calamities and harm. I am a man living in a violent neighborhood and I usually encounter trouble and I fear for my life. I would like to protect myself, and in the future, have the capability of protecting my family. Please tell me where to buy or teach me how I can make one as I heard you can make your own, as long as you understand. I am also interested in getting the anting-anting that can bring luck and wealth. I want to understand how to use it too and know how it works.

To which I answered (also translated to English):