Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Covid-19 and How Poorly the World is Handling the Pandemic

Its been almost 2 years. It is not the virus that brought the world down to its knees, but how we responded to it. And the fear-mongering continues.

Lockdowns, testings, quarantines, suppression of movement. We have wasted humanity's 2 years unproductively to "protect" lives. For the past many months we've all experienced the radical shift in almost everything in the world, all guided by the leaders of health and medicine under the theme of saving lives. In spite of this, no one felt safe or secure at all. Why? Because our poor response to a pandemic has halted civilization's progress and put everything even our lives and livelihood at a very huge risk.

What are we missing? There's a lot that we are missing out or people making decisions for millions are ignoring.

  1. Too much reliance on vaccines - this is not an anti-vaccine statement. It is a modern wonder, and more so the record time it was created is just amazing. It is irrefutable that it works, it has been proven all along. But too many have just put focus on vaccines and ignore everything else. For a moving target, one that quickly evolves blazingly fast, vaccines are a temporary solution.
  2. Bad statistics - even at the onset, data isn't accurate. Just take for example the number of infected individuals. It does not factor in the untested people who didn't report probable infections, which puts existing data severely unreliable if its the focal point of a good approach. One thing is sure though, while Covid-19 is fatal, it is highly survivable. By medical standards, it is still dangerous, but not everything should fall under the medical standards in the real world setting.
  3. Ignoring Natural Immunity - we rarely hear experts talk about natural immunity. For some reason they keep a downplay on this, where in fact, it is something pivotal. Why is it not being tackled and factored in too much? Perhaps because it is something that cannot be controlled, measured, predicted or something that no one can profit from.
  4. Alternative or Traditional Medications - because of the world's total reliance on medicine as the treatment of choice to diseases, we have been ignoring the practical and probably the most widely available source of cure to this mess. Folk medication has helped countless people tremendously in this pandemic, and no one really cared to measure its impact. Here in the Philippines, people have resorted to using Lagundi, Salabat, Suob and many other herbals or techniques which have helped our ancestors deal with respiratory diseases since hundreds of years ago. It is sad and depressing to see that we are bonded by the shackles of ignorance in using traditional medications which is cheap and widely available. And if one is promoting these types of treatments, they get attacked.
  5. Economic Drain Due to Fall of Micro Enterprises - globally, the backbone of every economy are micro enterprises. And yet, they are the hardest hit in all the lockdowns and restrictions. True, many businesses are not practical in a pandemic, but the lack of comprehensive support or strategies to help them survive isn't helping either. Its like they're left to die and rot.
  6. Lockdowns and Restrictions -  for God's sake, its been proven that Covid-19 will reinfect again and again individuals. But with vaccination and natural immunity already in place (of course, no one is certain because of bad data gathering and handling), it should be all barriers lifted and let nature take its course. Our medical and health experts of the world have been too ambitious to put in their accomplishments: "I stopped Covid-19." And the tune is still the same. Enough of it! No one can stop it, we are not capable and we are not supposed to stop nature from letting its processes happen. No one has the resources to completely make the virus halt and even a global coordinated effort will always have fissures that will be exploited by the diseases.

We've wasted too much time, resources and energy stopping the virus. It has been proven it is not as fatal. It would be less fatal if medicine has been open to working with complimentary treatments and alternative medications.