Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do's and Don'ts of the Philippine Flag

In accordance to Executive Order No. 179, of 1994, we are encourage to display, in our homes and all practicable places, prominently the symbol of our nation from May 28 until June 12 every year. However, not everyone is aware of the Do's and Don'ts of displaying the Philippine Flag, so it is prone to desecration. As public service, we've come up with an article describing the guidelines of taking care of our Flag.

The contents of this article are sourced from the National Historical Commission Website.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why I Don't Like Going to Church on Sundays

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Don't get this article wrong. I am a former seminarian, a devout Catholic, a faithful of the Roman Catholic Church and knows very well what excommunication means. This is not to encourage anyone not to go to mass during Sundays, but a plea to take note of existing concerns. These are just observations of a Filipino layman experiencing the rite of the Holy Mass.

Spanish conquistadors brought to the country Catholicism, which spread naturally as the colonial reach of Spain got established in the Philippines. These hundreds of years under the Spanish rule cultivated the Christian virtues to Filipinos, reaching almost every inhabited island, which is still evident nowadays just by looking at the number of churches erected. Religion is a very important facet of our identity, and a very compelling aspect of our lives.