Monday, July 11, 2011


The legend of the Yo-yo says that hundreds of years ago, it was used as a weapon. Who would ever thought that this toy was a weapon before? But it doesn't stop there, because the guys who were said to use this as a weapon Pinoys! Imagine Filipino warriors screaming while attacking with spinning yo-yos in their hands, with one doing a walking-the-dog trick to smash the foot of his opponent. Funny stuff isn't it?

Well, it shouldn't be really making much of a difference if it was used as a weapon before. After all, the history of the yo-yo dates back even to the Egyptians, so we can't own the origins of it. But what we know for sure is that it was a Filipino who made the mass popularity of the toy possible. It was Pedro Flores, an Ilocano immigrant to the United States, that started this worldwide craze and led to innovations of the yo-yo. He became rich at the time of recession in the US. Talk about ingenuity.

But enough of this Pedro guy. Here's a video of how the world would look if a yo-yo is still being used as a weapon...