Monday, January 10, 2011

The OFWs

Photo from Pinoy-OFW
They are the new breed of Pinoy warriors. They carry the warrior spirit of Filipinos to fight for survival and sustenance. They are the Overseas Filipino Workers.

In the days of old, heroism and war are done on the battlefields, away from home. When a man leaves home for battle, there is a chance of no return. Far away from the family to defend peace, their way of living and for honor, many return but gets changed forever. Such bravery, valor and sacrifice is now being faced by our fellowmen.

It is a battle. A battle against poverty, hunger and livelihood. It is the survival of  Filipino families that are being threatened, and the OFWs are seemingly soldiers sent out. They deal with loneliness, the distance, isolation, and a lot more. Going against the self is a lot harder than dealing with abusive employers, no salaries,  and other hardships. They miss the milestones, the joys of the moment, the festivities, the care of a family., the place they call home. They miss life as we know it, and turn theirs into a mere working existence.

The OFWs are the new Pinoy warriors, the battle is about survival. The spirits of our ancestors who fought battles before, lives within these warriors as they engage in this fight. They may not look like it, but they are. Amidst all the smiles, the laughter, you will be able to see their strength and the warrior within.