Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pinoy Martial Arts

Everyone knows about arnis. Everyone has heard or seen of it. But only a handful few had dedicated themselves to the preservation and the promotion of the art.

Filipino martial arts are the most organized, systematic and ingenious form of martial arts. It equips a practicioner all the tools to maim, damage, hurt and disable an opponent with or without weapons. Filipino Martial art is a knife based system. Even without knives or swords in hand, the movement of attack or defense are still in a cutting, slashing and chopping motion. Very efficient.

Different variations, different styles, different names. But they have all have something in common. Although generations and generations have passed, these arts has been handed over from descendant to the next, now, more and more people are willing to share. Like the Grandmaster of Lightning Scientific Arnis International, Benjamin Lema, he was willing to let others learn.
It was a fulfillment for me when I saw that these arts are still alive and thriving here in Metro Manila. Although Arnis is a sport in the State Colleges and Universities, the true martial art is still obscured from most of us. It really was an effort for me to research, locate and contact people involved with Filipino Martial Arts, especially looking for a style to learn. It came upon me that our own martial arts, our own culture needs more exposure and promotion. The Masters of LSAI were kind enough to help me when I got in touch with them and I will get involved starting at their Sunday School tomorrow at UP Lagoon.

It was this video below that convinced me what arnis style I should learn. Of course there are always other schools, but maybe because GM Ben Lema is from the island of Panay, where my mom also came from, I find closer ancestral ties to the art he taught. Sadly, the grandmaster passed on and his legacy are left with the students he instructed. Please watch the video, it is and impressive demonstration.

Special thanks to Masters Jon Escudero and Master Felipe Jocano, also to Jian, and Jeff.