Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Harana, the Lost Ritual in Pinoy Courtship

For every man, there is a woman. To how he gets to the woman, it is a challenge and a quest. For us Filipino, we have something, but that something is fast sliding into forgotteness.

In the days of old, our women, for their hearts to be won, tradition must be followed. Tradition encouraging romance, respect, and courtship.With the rise of technology, tradition gradually changed, and with it fades the courtship practice of Pinoys. Harana may still be here, but perhaps in the next generation it could totally disappear.

From Harana Documentary
Harana is singing to woo women underneath her window at night. On a special evening, a suitor gathers a few of his friends and perhaps the haranista, the barrio's experienced man in this courtship ritual, and troop to the house where the suitor's lady lives. He offers a song and his love to the lady. A lady shows her appreciation when the lights and windows open, and she show herself. But sometimes, its not the girl that shows up but the arinola (portable urinal) and its contents :)

If the suitor is acceptable for the girl she will let the men in the house, or let them stay outside and she responds with a song. All these may happen under the watchful eye of the parents.

Presently, the tradition is almost non existent. Gone are the men, getting together over tuba or some liquor, practicing and singing to help a fellow in his quest for love. For a Pinoy to be truly a man, one must win the heart of his irog (loved one). The cool evenings, the sweet voice, the gentle strumming of the guitar and a heart warming song offered to a lady. For sure, all of these can cause more than just a smile from her.

Update: To know how it really is to serenade, read this article. Paano ba talaga mang-Harana?