Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pinays, the Philippine's Treasures

Regarded as one of the World's most beautiful, the Filipina stands out in beauty and in form. There is a distinct allure, a distinct charm belonging only to the Pinay. The Pinoy Warrior is fierce and brave because of among other things, a Filipina.

We all grew up thinking of the Maria Clara image of a Filipina, as popularized in the novels of Rizal. The baro and the saya, worn by the Pinays are still the classic image of our women. Covered by the paƱuelo(piano shawl), it is a sight to behold, and truly captivating. But there's more to it than meets the eye. Although, what the eye see are things really hard to ignore.

They have the most perfect skin color, not too dark, not too light. The envy of the caucasian women, the permanent "tan," that glows and shines in the sun. They have long black hair, as dark as the night, thoroughly cleansed and fragrant. We are a race of people who take great lengths to be hygienic and healthy, and our women take it more seriously.

Proof of Pinay beauty? Our country, with the very few of the world, share a spot  as among the favorites of the Miss Universe beauty pageant.. Perhaps because the Pinays fall on their long gowns face down on stage... yet rise gracefully again.  Two Miss Universe crowns can give you a good reputation. Making it on the semi-finals frequently is another thing. Almost getting the crown but missing the mark is still  well, prestige. Major, major prestige.

Everyone knows the story. The TVs, the papers and the net, it was all over. It was Major, major highlight on the Filipinas. And except for the final moments, everyone placed their bets on a Pinay.

World class we are, but like everything else in the Philippines, we need to learn more. But wait a minute, maybe the whole world was looking at it wrongly. Maybe the whole world got its standards messed up. That is why we fall "short."