Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want Siesta

Imagine it is sooo hot outside. Not a soul is moving, not even the dogs of your neighbors are active. Only the leaves of plants and trees moved by the wind seems to stir. Typical afternoon. Typically, the best time to ZZZZzzzzzz, specially if you're staying in the province. Ride a duyan or a tumba-tumba while holding an abaniko, its gonna be like an escape from the country's tropical afternoon heat. I miss sleeping in the afternoon. I miss siesta!

Whenever I see people dozing off the afternoon, I get a bit envious. There was a phase in our lives that we were all required to sleep in the afternoon so we'd get taller. Most of us don't want to sleep. Now, that luxury is gone. Well, we can doze off during siesta time, just expect to get fired anytime soon.

When Juan Tamad became popular, siestas became taboo. Its like we are not allowed anymore to sleep in the afternoon. If you take siesta you are either a child, too old or too lazy. I beg to disagree!

There has been studies proving that napping in the afternoon decreases stress and heart problems by at least 30%. It also causes performance improvement and alertness, as well as happiness and well-being. With all the benefits of siesta why did it get a bad reputation?

2 hours sleep is definitely too long. That's what we're used to, the Spanish siesta. And for the investors, 2 hours of sleeping on the job isn't nice. Some also say it increases the risk of diabetes. Naiingit lang siguro ang mga diabetic kasi bawal sa kanila.

Siesta has been enjoyed for like thousands of years already. We are still entitled to enjoy it. The way I see it, sleeping in the afternoon is beneficial. Giving your body recovery after working soooo hard is justice. The only bad thing it causes is that it eats up time. As Americans say, time is gold, they don't want wasting time. But we are not Americans, we are Filipinos. Time slept is not wasted time, just don't sleep too long.