Friday, September 2, 2011

Pinoy Gang Weapons

From Sidney
There has been gang wars everywhere in the world. Our country is no exception. It is a natural phenomenon that people with similarities group together and fight for its members when threatened or abuse. Not a surprise that Philippines became home to a few of notorious gangs.

A Filipino is by nature a warrior. Ask a foreigner about Filipinos, most likely what he'll answer is either a smiling hospitable Asian or a fierce fighter. They think of Filipinos as a person who has a knife hidden somewhere in the body ready to stab anyone foolish enough to get us pissed. Our heritage says it all, we are fighters. The boys who killed Magellan, the north Luzon Head Hunters, the Moro warriors who don't seem to care about bullets and of course Manny Pacquiao. These are guys fighting for a worthwhile ideal, but for the pinoy gang fights, I can't really say what their ideals are.

But these gang fights are among the proof of Pinoy ingenuity. The gang members had developed weapons to hurt, maim or kill from everyday items. Aside from the balisongs, metal pipes, and stones, we have devised deadlier weapons. I am not writing about this to teach how to do it, and definitely don't make me responsible for any damage inflicted by these. This is not a tutorial, but a demonstration of how our gangs try to hurt each other, and hurt others too in the process.

First is the basic pillbox. It is a home made "explosive" designed to either make loud noises or hurl projectiles at those within blast radius. It consists of 3 parts: the container, the combustible and the trigger. The usual container of this is the foil wrapper in soft pack cigarettes. At the center, place a generous amount of pulbura from leftovers of New Year's firecrackers, and put a flat, heavy stone over it. Make sure that the foil wrapper "hugs" the stone really well so it doesn't separate when thrown in the air. When it lands, a loud bang! By the way, throwing a pillbox isn't as easy as it seems. There is a certain "technique" in throwing it so it explodes everytime it lands.

I will write again about other stuff that our gangs use so watch out for it.