Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are Pinays Still Respectable?

The world knows about Filipino women. 

They are very beautiful, shy, reserved, submissive and "maasikaso," though at the same time assertive at the right moment. Call it an irony, but yeah, I would have to agree on that. A working knowledge of the English language, very charming smile and superb hospitality could always be a deal breaker. And all of these are possessed by a Filipina. A perfect mate as many foreigners would say, comparing with women in their respective countries. It could be the reason why for a while, a Filipina was treated like a commodity. Is it their fault or is it ours too?

There was a time when "mail order brides" were popular that even the governments took certain measures in controlling such activities to protect their citizens. I hear Pinays say marrying a foreigner secures a good future, so its no wonder that some of our women became "mailed brides". A good future with a foreigner is a widespread perception in the Philippines, in fact it is even encouraged. When one Filipina happens to "date" a caucasian, she will be pushed by the relatives, friends and everyone else to seal the deal. Its a win-win situation. It guarantees good looking children (which could become movie stars in the future), comfortable lives and on most cases citizenship. After seeing a Pinay and a foreigner HWW (holding hands while walking), someone mentioned "isa na namang Pinay ang guminhawa ang buhay."

With the internet bridging the gaps between the countries, it has never been easier to connect to another person and invite the person to visit the country. Some gets to happy endings, some just don't. A cab driver told me a story which is a common version I hear a lot. An Australian guy started dating this Filipina and when he's out of the country, he is sending money to his girlfriend. Eventually, the girl started dating another man (a Pinoy boyfriend). Eventually, the girl started to ask for more money (from the Australian). Eventually, the Australian guy found out about this, but he first traveled to the Philippines to make sure of it personally and got his heart plus wallet broken (because the girl asked for more money).

Subic 1970s From GODI Site
Remember the days of the American bases here in the Philippines? How many women were willing to take their clothes off and hope someday, American soldiers will give them their dream life. It still happens, but in other places. In a "red light district" of Metro Manila, foreign patrons of sleazy nightclubs feast on almost naked dancing girls. Hooking up with a foreign patron means a generous tip and "possibly" a comfortable future. Then again, that's not always the case.

Some men take advantage of this. Philippines becomes a paradise for guys who have money but are not exactly getting the women in their country. When here in the country, two or three women might go for him at the very least. Some foreign guys have bragged about the number of women they visit in the Philippines. They take short one or two week vacations every few months or so and head here. Upon each vacation, he is with a different Filipina and the thing goes over and over again year after year.

Even us Pinoys are guilty of not respecting women. Look at the increasing number of scandal videos. More and more people are trying to be adult video stars on their own, destroying their reputations in the process. The more surprising thing about this is plenty of Filipinos were looking for scandal videos on the internet. Tangkilikin ang gawang Pinoy.

Let's face it. What I mentioned here are just minorities. They are not the representation of the whole but they did happen and they will happen. It would be disturbing though to think if this minority would grow bigger which may possibly happen. Times have changed and the Filipino women had been transformed by media, history, peer pressure and finances. This slow liberation does have its negative effects definitely, but its yet to be confirmed. I am just hoping that the safeguards of our morality, the government and us Filipinos have something to keep the minority a minority.