Monday, January 23, 2012

The Malolos Republic

January 23, 1899. A date that forever will be in the history books of the Philippines and the world when the country became the first republic in Asia. After gaining independence less than a year ago, a constitution was drafted, ratified and put in to effect quickly. Emilio Aguinaldo was declared the first president, thus establishing the Malolos Republic.

Of course this wasn't really a stroll in the park. Before they were able to pull this through, a lot of forces had taken their play and influence. You would have to consider the current politics, the coming Americans and the looming war. But we were ready to prove that we, the Filipino People, could govern the country ourselves.

Malolos Cathedral (After Aguinaldo's Escape)
Almost everyone knows all of these things happened in Malolos, Bulacan and the Barasoain church was a witness to all of these proceedings. To keep a close watch, Aguinaldo made the Malolos Cathedral his presidential palace, which is less than a kilometer away from Barasoain. The Cathedral was later burned to the ground upon the president's orders to General Antonio Luna when they escaped deeper in Luzon so the Americans won't be able to use it.

The important officials of the Malolos Republic is as follows: 

President - Emilio Aguinaldo
Vice President - Mariano Trias
Prime Minister - Apolinario Mabini / Pedro Paterno

It was a short-lived government for a country, about less than three years. After declaring war against the United States, Aguinaldo was eventually captured by the American troops in Palanan, Isabela. Before, under Spain, the country once again became colonial under America.